Making Words Count
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What We Do

New York's Premier Association of Editors, Book Doctors, and Ghostwriters

IEG is an alliance of professional freelance editors in New York City with decades of experience in senior editorial positions at major publishing houses. We meet monthly with current industry leaders from the top publishers and literary agencies, which allows us to give our clients the best and most up-to-date guidance as they seek to develop their projects and ready their proposals for the marketplace.

A changing industry has made our role more important than ever.  Mergers and consolidations have left acquisitions editors with less time for in-depth editing, and agents tell us the work they submit needs to be pitch-perfect to have a chance of selling. The good news is that publishers are always looking for new work, and the rise of self-publishing has broadened opportunities for fresh voices and ideas to emerge.  What never changes, however, is that good editing matters.  Whatever your goal, we are uniquely positioned to help you navigate this new landscape.


How We Can Help Agents and Publishers

  • Your author needs a collaborator or ghostwriter.

  • Your client’s manuscript is about to be cancelled unless it gets major re-writing/cutting—and the clock is running.

  • A manuscript is ready for delivery and the client would like the manuscript pre-edited and polished.

  • Coaching services are necessary to keep a client on track, on time, and focused.

  • A client needs help preparing a book proposal.

  • A project is on a crash schedule and needs editing/writing assistance to get it over the finish line.

  • Your client’s book has been orphaned because the editor has left the company.

  • A writer is unable to finish a book due to scheduling conflicts or illness.

How We Can Help Writers

  • You need a professional's evaluation of your manuscript—not one from your family, your friends, or your writers' group.

  • You want your manuscript critiqued before undertaking a final revision.

  • Your work would benefit from being professionally edited or polished before you submit it to an agent.

  • You are looking for editorial guidance and a fresh approach after receiving one rejection letter too many.

  • You are self-publishing and seek editorial services, advice about the process, or project oversight.

  • You want help to expand or define your idea to create a saleable book.

  • You are looking for strategic advice for the preparation and selling of your book proposal.



Whenever a client at The Book Group needs help, we immediately think about who in the Independent Editors Group would be a good match. This exceptional group of editors is highly skilled at what they do. They can step in at any stage of the process, from writing a proposal to polishing the final manuscript. They are passionate about helping writers bring out the very best in their work—and they are also highly knowledgeable about the business of publishing itself. The proof is in the superb results.
— Brettne Bloom, Literary Agent, The Book Group
The editors in the Independent Editors Group are outstanding in their professionalism, their integrity, their skills, and their experience. And since all of them have spent decades working at the best publishing houses in the industry, they know what publishers want and how to deliver it. Anyone in need of an editor to edit a manuscript, collaborate on a book, or get help with a proposal, will be lucky to be able to work with one of these talented editors.
— Susan Ginsburg, Literary Agent, Writers House
The editors at IEG are experts at balancing their industry know-how with creative intelligence, and the results are terrific. After referring authors to them for years now, I can trust that my clients will get a personalized experience from thoughtful professionals who go beyond the call of duty to support authors on and off the page.
— Linda Loewenthal, Literary Agent, The Loewenthal Company
The editors from the Independent Editors Group have saved some projects that even Scribner’s famously undauntable editorial staff found daunting. It is the very first place to which we turn when‎ we have a partial or a draft which seems to have strayed too far from the promise of the proposal. I can not recommend them highly enough.
— Susan Moldow, President, The Scribner Publishing Group