Making Words Count


Sally Arteseros Commercial and literary fiction, short stories; biography, business, psychology, religion

Harriet Bell Nonfiction, including memoirs, biography, history, science, psychology, and social issues

Toni Burbank Psychology, neuroscience, self-help, spirituality/mindfulness, health, child development

-Hamilton Cain Literary fiction, memoir, science, history, biography

 -Susan Dalsimer Fiction, mysteries, memoir, psychology, theater, film and television

Paul DeAngelis Narrative nonfiction, literary fiction, music, biography, psychology,
religion, philosophy, translations

Michael Denneny Narrative nonfiction, memoirs, history, psychology, politics, literary and commercial fiction

Paul Dinas First-time authors of general commercial fiction and nonfiction all genres

Aliza Fogelson Nonfiction: lifestyle, cooking, decorating, how-to, memoir, and narrative; fiction; ghostwriting.

Emily Heckman Nonfiction: health, psychology, spirituality, general; fiction: women's, thrillers, mysteries, literary

Susan Leon Narrative nonfiction, history, biography, memoir, historical fiction, new fiction voices

-Dick Marek Fiction, including general, thrillers, mysteries, literary

-Sydny Miner Health, psychology/self-help, memoir, cookbooks; fantasy and science fiction

-Beth Rashbaum Narrative nonfiction, including memoirs, biography, history; science, psychology, social issues

-Betty Sargent Fiction, commercial and literary; narrative nonfiction; memoir; biography; health; self-help

-Jim Wade Fiction; history (especially military), biography; politics and policy; business





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