Making Words Count
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Richard Marek


Richard Marek

I started as a junior acquisitions editor at Macmillan in 1982 and worked my way up to President and Publisher of E.P. Dutton. Along the way, I edited James Baldwin’s last five books, Robert Ludlum’s first nine books and novels by Peter Straub, Thomas Harris – yes, The Silence of the Lambs – Ben Stein, and David Morrell.

Over the past ten years, I’ve edited more than 100 books, 60% fiction, 40% nonfiction, at the behest of publishers, literary agents and unrepresented writers. (One of my services is to try to pair books I’ve edited and admired with literary agents.)  Some of the manuscripts found publishers, others are self-published, and some remain as manuscripts.

I’ve also turned to ghostwriting. Trisha Meili’s I Am the Central Park Jogger (a national bestseller), James Patterson’s Hide and Seek (a national bestseller), Brian Weiss's Same Soul, Many Bodies (an international bestseller), Ilana Rubenfeld’s The Listening Hand, David Grand’s Emotional Healing at Warp Speed,  Joseph Hickman’s Death at Camp Delta, and David Hackworth’s Steel My Soldiers’ Hearts.

In ghostwriting, I look for prominent men and women with unique stories to tell. In editing, I look for promising writers who need that promise fulfilled. I hope you are looking for me.