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James Wade


James O’Shea Wade

I will evaluate, report on, and edit fiction and nonfiction manuscripts.   I do not handle illustrated books. I work with authors to resolve structural problems, work on line-by-line revision and rewrites as well as (in novels) work  on characterization, dialog, pacing, etc. I do not represent authors in submissions to or negotiations with publishers or agents.

Since my retirement from Random House/Crown in 1996 as VP and Executive Editor, I have worked as an independent editor. In addition to Random House/Crown I have held senior positions in five other publishing houses and was president of Dial Press/James Wade publishing and partner and Executive Editor at Rawson, Wade Publishers, Inc.  Military history and memoirs, general history and autobiography, intelligence and foreign policy, science and business are particular interests of mine.

I will negotiate a comprehensive fee and specify in a letter agreement what editorial or writing work I will do and when it will be completed. I ask to see a manuscript first (no charge) to determine whether or not I am the right editor for it and then give an estimate of time and cost required to do the edit. I prefer to see the complete manuscript.

I work directly with authors, agents, and editors at a wide range of publishing houses. I guarantee absolute confidentiality to all authors, agents, and publishers, so I can’t discuss books I’ve worked on during my fifty years of editing unless I have been acknowledged in the printed or electronic book.